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Signs Of A Pest Infestation


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Signs Of A Pest Infestation

Pay Attention to Signs Of A Pest Infestation | Attic Cleaning San Bruno, CA

It's Important To Pay Attention

Pests that have invaded your home are more than just a frustrating nuisance. There are a host of concerning issues that they can cause, from damage you your home, to health risks. Insects can easily make their way throughout the household even if they start in the attic or crawl space, and their waste is an allergen that can cause you to suffer from symptoms even indoors. They can get into your food, harm structures that they burrow though, and much more. As for rodents, they also damage everything from insulation to wood. They'll tear insulation apart to use for nesting, thus drastically reducing energy efficiency, and will gnaw on just about everything. Probably the most concerning thing, however, is that their waste can spread all sorts of nasty diseases through your home. This is why looking out for signs that they're around is vital for your family and your house as well!

  1. Droppings Or Discoloration

    Particularly in your attic, or your crawl space if you can safely look into it, check for droppings around or odd spots of discoloration that may look greasy in appearance. Waste is a sure indication of their presence in the area, and an easy way to know if they're around. You may also see scrapping marks on wood or boxes from their gnawing or notice that the insulation looks ripped up depending on what type it is.
  2. Noises, Especially At Night

    If you hear scampering up in the attic while you're lying in bed trying to sleep, you probably have unwelcome visitors! They tend to be the most active during the night, and your home is at its quietest then, so that's usually the best time to see if you hear anything like scratching, or small feet skittering around.
  3. Foul Odors Near Entrances

    While near the doors for both the attic and your crawl space, always make note of if there's a strange, bad smell that seems to be coming from it. Both their waste, and their bodies if they get trapped, will emit a disgusting odor. Unfortunately, it may draw in bugs as well, so getting it cleaned out quickly is ideal!

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