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About us

Over our many years of providing professional services, we've learned that when it comes to attics and to actually cleaning them, the first thing that customers look for is a professional, reliable opinion. They want to know what the condition of their attic is, what are the ways to treat it or to solve the problem, which one they should choose, and of course, the cost of each service offered to them. That's why we make sure to provide you with comprehensive and responsible answers to any question you may have, and only when everything is perfectly understood do we send out our team of professionals.

Professional Examination of your Attic

Once you've called us, you will receive the best answer to your residential or commercial needs. The first thing you should expect from our technicians is an examination of your attic. They will check to see if it is contaminated in any way, if the insulation is worn out, if there's mold to be found, and any other aspect that might affect your property's condition and the wellbeing of those who spend time there. We believe that once the customer fully understands the situation, they will better understand the need for one service over the other.

Deliver the Service You Need

At Attic Cleaning San Bruno we believe that the service we provide should offer the best answer to our customers' needs. Meaning, our team will always recommend only the services that meet the aforementioned definition, in order to ensure our customers' satisfaction. Therefore, we offer pretty much any service that will help us provide our customers with a clean, safe and healthy attic. Together we will figure out what the best service is to handle the problem, so you can understand exactly what we're doing.

Not Only Professionalism

Although we understand how important professionalism is to our customers, we're well aware that it is still not the only parameter that determines the quality of our service. Other factors we hold in high regard are excellent and attentive customer service, availability and the variety of services offered. For example, if our customers require both residential and commercial services, they can get both with us.

Call Attic Cleaning San Bruno and enjoy:

Long-term reliability

Great customer service

Fair prices

A professional opinion


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When you hire our professional cleaners - your satisfaction is guaranteed! Our company provides only safe, pet friendly, and highly professional cleaning services and solutions.

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