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Attic Insulation Removal

Insulation Removal | Attic Cleaning San Bruno, CA

Why Would It Need Removing?

Aside from simply wanting to upgrade your attic's insulation to something more efficient and hearty, what other reasons might there be? Unfortunately, there's a lot that can damage it over time, and even pose a health risk because of it. If water gets in to the area from a window that's not sealed well or a roof leak, the moisture can be absorbed by it and make just the right environment for mold to grow. Mold will wreck it, as well as eat away at wood and belongings as it spreads, and the spores it spawns are dangerous if inhaled. Pests also pose a problem due to their tendency to use insulation for nesting purposes. They'll rip it up in the process and leave behind holes, along with contaminating it with diseased waste. Age itself can become an issue, as it will degrade over time and begin to slouch out of place, leaving cold spots.

Why Should You Care?

Even without potential health troubles depending on how the insulation was harmed, it's still something to be worried about in terms of wasting energy and your money in the process. If it's not functioning well, that means air is escaping instead of being trapped inside to circulate and keep the temperature comfortable. To keep up with stabilizing the temperature, the heating and air conditioning will run more, thus spending more energy. If you've noticed fluctuating temperatures, as well as rising bill, it's a good idea to have your insulation checked out.

Let Us Handle It!

Our professionals are happy to come out whenever is best for your busy schedule and get to work on carefully removing the insulation with high-quality equipment to keep everyone safe. Otherwise, particles of it could pollute the air and lower the quality, which would only cause further troubles. We'll carefully bag up all pieces and have it disposed of so you won't have to worry!

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