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Our latest projects range from attic cleaning and decontamination to rodent-proofing your home. If you wish to find out more, you can read about our team’s successfully done tasks further down on this page.

Attic Insulation Replacement in Millbrae | Attic Cleaning San Bruno

Attic Insulation Replacement

Customer Issue: The customer went into her attic for the first time in a while, and found the insulation dank and crumbling.
Our Solution: Our masks and gloves served us well in this project, as some of the old foam was already showing patches of mold and mildew. All of it had to come off, and fresh fiberglass and foam added over the bare walls and ceiling.

Fatimah Abu Sarkh - Millbrae
Attic Cleaning in Pacifica | Attic Cleaning San Bruno

Attic Cleaning

Customer Issue: Mr. Dickson had a house to sell on short notice, and needed its attic emptied and cleaned.
Our Solution: This attic was dusty and spider-infested, so our clearing was done carefully with full suits, masks, and gloves. Most of the attic contents were discarded, save a few items the customer wanted to keep. Then, the attic got a thorough dusting, sweeping, and scrubbing on all surfaces.

Richard Dickson - Pacifica
Commercial Rodent Proofing Project | Attic Cleaning San Bruno, CA

Commercial Rodent Proofing

Customer Issue: Wanted to ensure rodents couldn't get into his office.
Our Solution: We started by conducting a detailed examination of the premises and identifying sensitive entry points, especially around holes that were drilled for electrical and computer cables. We sealed them all without disturbing office productivity, making sure neither mice nor rats were able to get in.

Hamilton Buckner - Pacifica
Rodent Proofing | Attic Cleaning San Bruno, CA

Rodent Proofing

Customer Issue: This customer had a bad rodent infiltration problem in his attic and needed our help to resolve it.
Our solution: We sealed all air leaks and set out rodent traps. After disposing of the remains, we cleaned and sanitized the attic, and installed heavy duty screens. The customer was very satisfied.

Tristen Fisher - San Bruno
Attic Cleaning | Attic Cleaning San Bruno, CA

Attic Cleaning

Customer Issue: A windstorm had opened this customer's attic windows and left leaves, small tree limbs, and a lot of debris inside his attic.
Our solution: We sealed all air leaks and added some additional insulation to bring his attic up to specifications. The customer was very happy with the results.

Ray Boston - Millbrae
Attic Insulation Installation and Removal | Attic Cleaning San Bruno, CA

Attic Insulation Installation and Removal

Customer Issue: After a major windstorm, this customer found his insulation had suffered wind and water damage and asked us to replace it.
Our solution: Our team removed the damaged insulation, and cleaned and sealed all air leaks. We then replaced the original insulation to R-38 depth.

Guillermo Rodriguez - San Bruno

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